Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Unmounting stamping wheels

Stampers!!! I unmounted my stamping wheels and put them on foam cling. Now I can stamp them straight, and color them in with my markers. 

FYI, you can fit 8 standard wheels in the SU DVD cases, (4 on each side),  and 4 jumbo wheels in one case, (2 on each side).

I couldn't figure out how to stamp them, SU doesn't make a block large enough for them. I tried diagonal on the large background block. Eehh... but my demo, April Prachniak, suggested the extended plate from the Big Kick/Shot.  How ingenious!!! April, Thank you for resolving my dilemma!!!!  

(PS) to unmount them from the wheel, all you need to do is take an exacto knife and break the seam.  Then they peel right off of the wheel.  I kid you not, our little stamping friend, Morgan, who is going to be 3 years old next month, helped peel them from the wheels. She had a blast!!!

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