Friday, April 27, 2012

Another cased card

I have to thank Lee Conrey for this beautiful card.  I couldn't find it again on her website, but her website is

I think it's a beautiful card. Thanks Lee!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Now and Then

 In August 2009, my husband allowed me to take over our 2nd bedroom and turn it into my stamp room. I was sooooo excited to have all of this new space. HA!!! Space... what space?!?!?  Just a short 2-1/2 years later and take a look at this. I LOVE my stamp space, don't get me wrong, but I can honestly say, STAMPERS never have enough space. Let alone surface space...  

So here is to reminiscing...

This 'was' my ribbon holder

Now - this is the one my husband made for me.  Yeah... I horde ribbon too.

This is where I had more ribbon, but my ink pads were stacked on on my bookshelf;

Now, my friend Kim Bowen, found me an old cassette holder, Rich mounted it on the wall.  Now I can stack OTHER things on top of the book shelf. HAHAHAHA!!!

AAAAhhhh... my stamp sets.  All pretty and labeled by theme.

Now, I have unmounted all of them from the wood and have them alphabetically. Yes... as you can see, additional shelving was added due to the volume.

This is now.  I added the small 4-drawer letter size book case I got for free from free, and you can see my cricut set up on the right side.

And this is my current table. As you can see, no surface space. But I do manage to clear out a small section to make my cards.

I wouldn't give up my stamp room for the world, besides, where would I put it all?!?!?!?

Casing a card

I had printed a picture of a card that I would have loved to make and decided to make it today.  I have never used this set and am loving that I FINALLY used it.   My inspiration came from Vicki Burdick's website,  

This is my card;

This is where I found the card and this is the card Vicki Burdick made;

Thank you for the inspiration!!

Lots of stamping!

It has been a terrific 2 weeks of stamping.  

These are from April Prachniak's stamp club.  If you like April's cards and you live in the Baltimore, MD area, contact her for classes or upcoming clubs at

I had to order the ornament punch just because of this crab. How adorable?!?!?!

Now Lynn and I got this window die (from I may have already posted this, but I can't help it, it's so darn cute!!!!

And we made this card too;

Then while I was at the ocean, I took some shoeboxes to make.  All of these are cased cards.  If I find the original inspiration websites, I will post them. I am not taking credit for them.  

This one I changed up a little bit.  But it's pretty much the same. LOVE IT!

I did this with chalks, and have to say, I honestly didn't like it. It really needs the markers to make it pop.

This one I did use markers and think it looks so much better.

I did this one in two different browns.  What do you think?

This one is Close To My Heart.  I absolutely love tis set, called Perfect Day.  My friend Mary Hamre is a CTMH demonstrator. If you like their products and would like to place an order, contact her at

And when we got back from the ocean, I went to Lynn's house and made 8 of these.  I never have enough get well cards. (Or Sympathy cards).

I love this set.  I loved it back when I was a demo and used it and still love it now.  

Thank you so much for visiting !

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What a stamping week!!!

What a terrific stamping week. Monday night was April's stamp class, and Tuesday night was Brandy's stamp class.   I absolutely loved it. I wish they had classes every night!! 

Here are the cards that we made at Brandy Boccia's.   If you would like to come to one of Brandy's card classes, check out her schedule at  

These are the cards from April's card class.  If you want to join one of April's card classes, contact her at

I had such a great time!!! Thank you ladies!!!!