Sunday, September 26, 2010

New life back into these old bones

What can I say? We are the new proud parents of two baby chocolate shar-pei's!!!  Gosh, if any of you know us, we had been on quite a journey with our first two shar-pei's, Mindy & Squeakie.  God love them, they were our life.  Squeakie died at 16-1/2 years old and Mindy died within 6 months of Squeakie passing.  Of course we were devastated... and the house has not been the same.

God has blessed me with a fabulous husband who allowed me to quit work and be a housewife, which was fabulous, but the house was so quiet.  He said no to a dog, but I knew in his heart, we are dog lovers.  Thursday night, Rich said we needed to discuss a financial situation.  He took me to his man-cave, and pointed to the screen, which was Mai Toi.  I just started crying like a baby.... the tears were a flowing!!!  We called Barbara Dion, of Beaux Art Chinese Shar Pei's,

What a fabulous breeder!!!! She has been through so amazing things in here life, but the love of the breed was just absolutely amazing.  She has been breeding show quality shar-pei's for 25 years!!! 

Well... we purchased Mai Toi (yes... pronounced My Toy), she is a mini and "shouldn't" get bigger than about 40lbs.  Rich and I drove 8-1/2 hours to North Carolina yesterday morning to pick her up.  But... much to our surprise, we got there and she also brought her brother, Moose, up to visit us..  Moose is "hefty" to say the least, but these two were peas in a pod.  We talked with Barb for at least 2 hours!!! She was sooo nice, extremely informative, showed us both parents, other pups, other parents... her dogs are (besides mine... hee hee) the most beautiful and well taken care of animals I have ever seen.

We just could not separate these two.  They were so snuggly together, lovably, playing with each other, and Rich saw how this would devestate them being apart, so.... we bought them both!!!! (Thank you Barb!!!).

Sooo.... we are pleased to announce the two new additions to the Zaworski family: Mai Toi and Moose;

Can you tell which one is Moose? hahahah!!

 Like I said... two peas in a pod;

 Here is our Moose fella. Ohhh and he's a poser ladies!!!  I bring out the camera and say "Pose" and he strikes a move!
 Here is Mai Toi.  She is sooo petite and what a snuggle bunny!!!

 Yes... this is how I rode for 8-1/2 hours from North Carolina back to Baltimore.  We made stops every 2 hours for the little ones potty break... and back to this we went.... 

 Mai literally rolled down and on her side to be with Moose;
 Rich bringing his babies home;
 Mai sleeping;
 Look at that beige belly;
 Moose.. please don't mind my fat legs...  he was sooo tired.
 Moose, our poser;
 Daddy home with Mai;
 Moose playing with his toys.  Boy did these two have fun scouting out the house!
 Daddy with Moose;
 Let the fun begin!!!
 Again... Moose posing. All I said was "POSE" and this is what he would do...
 My two chocolate peas playing;
 and sleeping;
 And posing again... Moose loves stretching out. Look at all of those wrinkles!!!
 And sleeping...

 More Moose posing;

 Our little Mai;
 Daddy this morning, 9/26/10 with his baby... she is quite the snuggler;

More pictures to follow... these two sure do keep a new mom busy!!! (And dad!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awwww.. last stamp club night

I am sad to say, tonight was the last stamp club night for April's club. Well... at least one of the clubs.  She is doing so well, and is such a wonderful demonstrator.  I have to give her the kudo's.

YEAHHH APRILLLLL!!!!!!  If you like her cards and wish to inquire about a club or workshop, check her out at

I am sad because I have good news and bad news. The good news is, almost a month ago, I quit my job at Commercial Lighting. YEAH!!! The bad news is I now have no additional spending money for stamps or clubs. Boohoo...

These are the last cards for the club that I was in. A new club is forming now, so if you are interested, please contact April straight away.

This is an awesome fall card we made. I love it so much!
April did a fabulous job on this Halloween card. She used the smooch spray on the black spider web embossing folder, and the alcohol technique on the "Fright Night". LOVE IT!
This card was using the faux silk technique.  I definitely am going to be casing this. 

Here is a close up so you can see it better;

April... thank you so much for everything you have done. You've gone above and beyond as a demo, and a friend. It is my privelage to have you as a friend.
Smooches girlfriend!!!