Friday, August 28, 2009

8-24-09 3rd IWIA Meeting!!!

What another terrific night!!! Lots of stampers getting down to business.

Here is Crystal, Lynn and Donna, Mary K in yellow.

Patti standing, Pam, Courtney and Mary K;
Anna W. standing and Michele chatting with April (hiding behind Anna);
Anna W. with her new shirt;

April chatting with Crystal;

Lynn Ha's card;

Donna's card;

Crystal was mounting her stamps. See... sometimes stampers don't always make cards. And boy did she have alot of sets!!

Pam was mounting all of the new stamp sets she got from the Winter mini... but I didn't get a chance to peek;

Mary K's card;

Mary K was making these for her mom... sooo cute!!

Pam was pretty in pink right down to her toes and flip-flops!
Donna's Halloween cards... MANY of them;

Stephanie wasn't there this Monday, but these are the cards she made at Donna's house, and Donna brought them to share. I LOVE PENGUINS!!!

I had held a "Spotlight technique" swap and here are the cards I received from the swap;
Chary Patzelt's card;
Sabrina Delgado's card;
No name on the back of the card;
Jennifer Kupiec's card;

No name on the back of the card;

No name on the back of the card; (this is why it's so important... I want to give you the credit for making your card!)
Dori from Hawaii;

Dennelle Kaczmarczyk cards;
No name on the card;

No name on the card;

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

April's card class - All Occasion

I am such a dork sometimes. I wasn't going to go to the class because I really can't afford it right now, so when I called April and told her, she said.. hey ... ummm.. you pre-paid for the class like two weeks ago!! DUH!!! HAHAHAHA... So I was very excited that I got to go tonight. This is what we made.

This card, you really have to see in person. It looks like a little shadow box. VERY pretty!

Baby card;

This is really gorgeous in person. The heart is a window... the "LOVE" is embossed in gold inside the heart.

this is really pretty... it has a light blue 'rectangle' that you can't see well in the picture, but it person, it's beautiful.

This is a really great set. Pocket Silhouettes... LOVE the colors!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stamps organized and birthday card made!

I made this adorable little one after Princess Patti... this is for Patti H's birthday coming up. I found out that Patti had a gorgeous, chocolate shar-pei that was with her, just as Squeakie and Mindy were with us. Shar-pei people have a special bond. So Patti... this is comin' to ya... hope you don't see it on here first! XOXOXOX Girlfriend!

And I was able to get all of my sets labeled and re-organized. I couldn't sleep until it was done... and now it's fabulous!! LOVE It!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Linda's new Stamp Room

Is this amazing or what?!?!? Ok.. this is walking into the room. Of course the floor fan won't be there all of the time, but it sure was hot beautifying this room!

This is to the left of the stamp table. Lynn and Michele have banned me from purchasing anymore ribbon. But Lynn needed gray and could you believe I don't have gray?!??! You know what that means!
To the right of the stamping table... everything within arms reach (Thanks Michele!!!). More ribbon, all of my inks, chalks, big shot, etc... fits nice and cozy.

Desk area...

WALL O' STAMPS!!! Donations are greatly accepted!!!

Leaving out of the room, which I've been having a hard time doing now that it's done.