Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Cards & Birthday cards

Happy New Year!!!! Well... Christmas is over and the New Year is only about 2 hours and 14 minutes away. My New Years Resolution is to be more creative and use what I have. So to get a start, I am always in need of birthday cards. So I made 10 moo cow an udder birthday cards. What do ya think? The stamp is from

And here are the gorgeous, hand made Christmas cards I received this year;
Patti Hipp
Mary K's

Mary Ham's
Karen R's;
close up;
Fran T.'s
Donna H's;

Debbie T's;

Cindy L's;

Carolyn C's;
April P's;
Anna J's;
I do want to take a moment and thank everyone who sent these beautiful cards. They are treasured and I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you everyone who reads or even checks out the blog. I am hoping to have more postings, more cards, more sharing of some pretty wonderful cards.
Blessings to all and Thanks for making this year so great. Here's to 2010!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Dustin Pike card

Here is another Dustin Pike digi stamp card that I did. The bug in the background is from Betsy The Beekeeper (Stampin' Up!). I am going to send him along with the Dudley dragon cards for a swap I joined. Yup... took two spots, but I love Dustin Pike. (Thanks Jennifer K. for turning me onto him and digi stamps!).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed in is great!

Being snowed in is a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is, I am all warm and snuggly. Bad thing is, I had to shovel 1' of snow earlier and now it looks like I hadn't touched it at all. Another good thing is STAMPING!!! YEAH!!! LOVE to stamp and now I'm getting into "Digi Stamps".

I found on the website under community, a gal that is hosting a "Dustin Pike" swap. . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE his artwork. If you are into cutsie and love fun things, this is the site to visit. So here is my card for the swap;

Close up of Dudley-ette; (I flocked the peep... so cute!)
Card in its entirety;
And Rich has a co-worker that is kinda freaky about aliens. So I found this digital art from