Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Slowly getting back into stamping

Well... It's been a long time coming. I had to sell as much of my stamp stuff as I could. We live in a 2 bedroom house and the spare bedroom was my stamp room, but we needed to turn it back into a bedroom.  That means two things, one... I've lost my stamping space, and two...  we needed the money to do it.  

But, by the grace of God, I have a very good stamping friend that invites me to her house to stamp and let me use her cardstock.  I still have a TON of 12x12 background paper, so I take that for us to use, so that I'm not feeling like I am taking advantage of her.  Karen C., thank you so very much.  You are such a blessing and a friend.  

I still have quite a few stamp sets, but no cardstock, markers, etc...  So I grabbed 3 huge bags of stamp sets I knew she didn't have and we had a ton of fun.  Here are the cards we made at her house.