Friday, March 2, 2012

Another night at the Moose

When I go to the Moose for our IWIA stampers night (which ALL crafters are welcome to come), I love making cards.  I typically make 8 cards that evening.  I have boxes for my cards, i.e. birthday, thank you, gt well, etc... so I have cards ready whenever I need to send one to a friend.  I made 4 of each of the cards below.  

I love inspiration from other stampers.  I found this card from Sage Kimble, her website is

I thought this was absolutely gorgeous.  My favorite color is brown and I decided to do this in browns.  (Also because my color printer was on the blitz, and when I printed it, it looked more brown).

Here is Sage's card;

Here are mine;

Thank you Sage for the inspiration!!!

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