Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Day at Jan Wakeland's Stampin' Up! Event 3-27-10 Part 2

This Black Magic technique is just amazing!! I can't wait to try it out...
Crayon resist technique;
Rachel having a great time swapping her cards!
There is a little story behind this.  Deanna has recently lost her mother.  All of the flowers that she cut for the flower buttons were from her mothers dresses.  Everyone had a piece of her heart with us today.  God Bless!!
Ok.. there is a story behind this.. I promise.  Each table had a bat, balls and a bag of stamping things, ribbons, paper, build a bears cut out..  Each table had 15 minutes to decorate their bat.  Then they all got in a line and "demonstrated" the bat and what you could do with it.  Our bat was the "Dolly Parton" of bears.  We used the balls for breasts, made a bikini top, use the ribbon for the strings, and had a sign on it "Bear It All".  Rachel did a great job... said you can use it as a reminder to get your annual breast exam, and lots of great things.  She was really great!! And our table won a prize from Jane that is going to be sent to us from the Summer Mini when it comes out.  YEAHHHH!!!;
Pam was making the scrunchie flower;

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