Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Love Splitcoast Stampers !!!

I was going through my "junk" drawer the other day and I found my accordian box, which I was calling the "Carly Box".  When I got back into stamping, I had posted something online to Splitcoast, asked for people to send me images.  Which the response was overwhelming, the stampers of Splitcoast  go above and beyond. They are truly amazing people.

Carly is a friend's daughter, and when we would get together, I use this accordian box, and would put various images in the box for her to color.  Hence, it became the Carly Box.  

I found this adorable image in the box and decided to play with it.  I made 3 cards, of course I did the little girls hair in three different colors, red, brown and black.  I am not into the girly or kid cards, but found myself now drawn to this. I thought this was so cute!!! Thank you again Splitcoast stampers!!!!

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