Saturday, May 26, 2012

Use your STUFF!!!

For quite a while, I've been talking to my IWIA Stamping friends (IWIA stands for I Want It All.... and don't we all ?!?!?!!).  And it has come to our realization that we HOARDE!!!!!!!  We hoard everything...  paper, background paper, ribbon, everything.

So in light of that, I have been inspired.  I have not used my Cricut in quite a while.  I am just not that talented in the Cricut arena.  And I really like the cutesy stuff.  

So being inspired, I made this snail card for a young friend of mine, Emily.  It will be going out in the mail on Tuesday for her.  I hope she likes it.  And the hippo card, I made the hippo ohhh... about a year ago, believe it or not.  I just did not know what to do with it.  So this is what I did with her.  Not sure who she is going to yet...  HHHhmmmmm.. hee.. hee!!!

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