Friday, February 3, 2012

Stamping at the Moose

Monday nights the IWIA Stampers (stands for I Want It All... hahahaha!),  we go to the local Moose Lodge and bring a project to stamp.  It's open to all crafters, knitters, stitchers, painters, whatever is your thing.  If you are in the Baltimore area and want more information, please email me.

Anywhoo...  I was cleaning my stamp room a bit (and boy it sure needs more cleaning!), and I found my chicken card I made for the Bel Air swap last year. It was during Hurricane irene.  My friend Lynn took my card since we high-tailed it out of the state to my parents house. But I found the box and it had a few pieces that were undone. So I finished those up.

And I needed sympathy cards.  Another friend, Robin P.'s mother passed away.  God Bless her.  And another friend, Crystal T.'s mother passed away a few days later.  I'm so glad I was able to get 7 of these done.  It's sad you need cards like this, but I'm happy to have them now.

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