Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun at Lynn's

It's always fun at Lynn Haase's house!!!  After my mammo this morning (good report thank God), I went over to her house. Wasn't sure what we were going to do, and she has been on a roll with stamping cards.  Her cards are GORGEOUS!!!  Well... she said, I want to use sets I haven't or don't use.  She went to her bookshelf where all of her glorious stamps are and said pick a shelf...  3rd shelf down.  2 stacks from the right, 3rd set down. And there it was... AUTUMN.  Go figure!!!  So Lynn jumped on the computer and looked at Splicoaststamper's Gallery website.  She found this beautiful card and said, hey.. let's make this.  So this is our interpretation (Cased) card we did with what she had.

 Our card that we made;
All 4 of them, yes, one does have straw raffeta;

And I don't have her doily stamp, and absolutely love it. So we each made 2 of these;

Thanks for a wonderful morning Lynn!!!  

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