Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perry Hall SBS Swap hostessed by Cindy Linthicum

Whenever Cindy Linthicum hostesses a shoebox swap on Splitcoaststampers, WATCH OUT!!! It's super fabulous!!! She is an amazing hostess, the stampers are super wonderful and the cards....well.... the cards are GREAT!!!!!

Mind you, some cards may have been cased from SCS... but the work was all done by all of us stampers. If any names are incorrect, please email me at and I will correct it. In no particular order....

Angela Gittles;

Darice Grover;

Mary McWilliams; (this was cased from Patty's website: 
Marcia Francis;

Brandy Boccia;

Kathy Winland;
Cindy Linthicum, not only made this as an extra goody for us, but gave us all additional empty bags for us to make at home. Isn't she amazing?!?!?!

No Name... cased from Patty's Blog at


Jennifer Nevil;

Mary Helen Nichols;

Lynn Hershner;

Debbie Emery;


Lynn Haase; cased from Patty's blog at

Debbie Taulbee;

Lynn Morooney;


Theresa Romani;

Chris Murphy;
Cindy Linthicum;
Jennifer Nevil;
Unknown Stamper....
Nancy Adams;
Fran Taylor;
Now onto the great stampers...Ok...this is metaking a picture of me...Not my best, but hey... everyone was busy stamping.
Stampers Havin' Fun:

OOOOHhhh the fffffffooooooddddddd!!!!

Jane.... this one's for you!!!! (Fran's empty Mac & Cheese crock pot);

Cindy thinking of her friend Jane;
Kathy giving a noogie;

Cindy & Fran hard at work;
Darice, Joan and Nancy;

The new stamping mascot?

Cards were everywhere!!!

Lynn Morooney and I can't remember her name in the pink sweater. She was quiet.

Cathy and Laura;


Debbie Taulbee and Debbie Emory;
Mama Nevils and Jen Nevils;

Mary McWilliams, Mary Helen and Lynn Hershner, aka The Dundalk Florist Gals;

Lynn Haase;

Someone (Please tell me who so we can give you the credit), had this in her swap box. What a fantastic idea!!! Not only did her spones have the name on the clip for what color it went with, but she recycled the egg container so the sponges wouldn't get messy!!! How Ingenious!!!!!

What a great swap today ladies!!! I can't wait for another one!!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting the cards!! I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to this swap. Cindy DOES put on a great get-together!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Thanks for posting the picts! All the cards were great and so much fun to stamp.

    I notice you wrote me down as the egg cartion, that wasn't me...I think it might have been Joan's box. Just don't want to take credit for something...but it's something that I am definately going to case!!!

  3. I just found your blog and I was looking through your photos. It looks like three of these cards were cases from exciting that they were made at your shoebox swap! It looks like everyone had a great time.

    I've always wanted to attend a shoebox swap, but everytime I see one they are never near me. It's so nice of you to post all of the cards that were made. They are all wonderful!