Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a Dog's Life...

Well... it's always a good night when friends get together and stamp. But it's even MORE fun when you order chinese food in and have wine coolers chilled, just a waitin' for ya!!! YUMMM!!! I don't know what got my mouth watering more... chinese food and wine coolers or stampin' with my friends!! They are both delicious!!

My friend Lynn H. has been talking about getting together and stamping some "dog themed" cards for a friend of hers. I don't have any dog stamps, but I have paper and more than happy to stamp... so FINALLY!!! We got together. Stampin' on a Mission!!!

This is what we came up with in between eating, drinking and being merry! I sure hope her friend likes them as much as we did making them. Thanks Lynn H. Donna H. & Kim B!!!! Had a blast!!! (PS)... Pam... we missed you!!!!

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