Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First week with the pups

Well... it's been our first official week as new parents to Mai and Moose.  I can honestly say, "WE" have all adjusted quite nicely. Except the lack of sleep on the human's part...  the puppies are doing really great.  And growing quickly, and developing nice personalities.

Here is Moose playing with his toys;
Being a puppy is very tough; 

Moose sleeping;  My little pot belly pup; 

Me and Mai, she absolutely loves to snuggle... until she realized how comfortable the love seat is. So I only get this when she is extra tired; 
Moose playing again.  Barbara... they have already destroyed this toy; 

Yes...  Moose LOVES watching tv.  His favorite programs are Family Feud, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. 

Rich's sister, Carolyn, came to visit. Mai just melted on her lap;

This is one of the most adorable photo's.  Can you tell which is which?

Again, my pot belly pup... sooo tired;

I hope they continue to be this close as they get older.  They love touching each other when they sleep, for the most part. If you see one sleeping, typically the other is awake...
 Daddy and Moose;
 Being good puppies;
 Mom and the kids;
 Me and Moose... he is such a snuggler;
 Moose watching tv again...  I've never seen a dog love to watch tv so much.
 Dad and the Mooser;
 Puppies sharing a chew toy.  Yes... they did not fight over this...  unless I put it down.
 Moose fell asleep on his daddy's chest

 Mom with her arms and legs full...  when they are sleepy... that's it.
 Even for mom...  Mai loves to snuggle and curled right up with her mom.
 Awwww....  they look like siamese shar-pei's;

Overall, for the first week, they are doing amazingly well.  They sit, walk up the steps, play well, (for the most part), and come when called. Mai sometimes is stubborn.  Moose also "Poses" when you have a camera and yell POSE.  He also does a bunny hop when he's outside that is absolutely adorable, and kisses you when you say kisses... he puts his face out for you to kiss his muzzle.

I LOVE these little critters!!!

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