Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WOOHHOOO!!! Stamping with April and my stamping friends!!!

Well....  Last Thursday and this Tuesdsay was stamping with April. We had a ton of fun with everyone at the clubs and can't wait to do more and more.  You can check out April's blog at;  or if you want to sign up for any of her classes, please contact her.

Love this motorcycle card;
Nature's Silhouettes;
King of the Grill;

This is an awesome gift card idea.  This is made with an envelope, folded in half...
the inside;

I saw this card on another website, sorry... can't remember which it was... so this is CASED.  But this is a really beautiful card... had to show it off;

OK... there is a story behind this one.  Carolyn, a woman I work with, had this shirt on, and I had to take a picture of the shirt, because it instantly inspired me. I sent this to April and talked to her about it.
this is what April came up with:  HOW AMAZING!! This card is beautiful in person.
This is an awesome tropical card;

and wonderful PUNCH card... really terrific

I had such a wonderful time and I am soooo looking forward to stamping more and more with everyone!

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