Monday, September 7, 2009

New Cards... 9-7-09

Well... other than making cards for the swap last week, I haven't really been inspired too much, nor had the time. But today was a great, lazy day so I wanted to do a few cards.

This one is for Ethan... the little man in the family. He's the first son of my neice, first grandson on 4 sides of the family and first great grandson. You don't think this little man is spoiled do ya?!?!? HAHAHAH.. But I sent a card last week and my neice said he went nuts because he loves getting mail. So... I am going to start making him cute cards to send when I can. This one is for Ethan...

And it just so happens to be his daddy's birthday. I'm a little late getting this out, but it's better now than never. Plus he'll love the scratch-off tickets we put inside (We're all addicted to the scratch-offs!!). This looks better in person because the candle and other parts have glitter glue on them.
And these three I made just to make... I have friends who need to know I'm thinkin' of them... so I'm sending these off to them.


  1. Great cards. Love the penguin :-)

  2. Thanks!! It was a dollar stamp my friend found for me at Michaels. It was perfect with this.